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With E-commerce and online shopping increasing at exponential rates, it is essential that your web store is integrated with a payment gateway with your merchant account. Get the payment before you ship!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Allpaynow?
Allpaynow.com is an online payment-processing provider for tangible, digital products and services. Allpaynow supports back-office functions including financial reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, customer service and sales tracking.
Allpaynow enables the merchants to sell their products and services online with no worry about Credit Card processing security and privacy. Ewipay helps merchants to increase their market share and promote name recognition as well as enabling consumers to shop online in a secured environment.
Allpaynow presents its services online and globally.

My website is under construction, Can I Sign Up?
If your site is under construction, you can still set up your account with Allpaynow..
A number of our new Merchants prefer to include Allpaynow in their site design before being ready to start sales.
However, your account will not be active until Allpaynow verifies your domain and products.
Once you have launched your site, your domain details can be updated any time in the Merchant Control Panel.
Please be aware that our Risk Analysis Department may contact you about any changes made to domains and products information. This is for your own protection and to ensure that the changes do not include any violations in respect to our policies.

Who can apply for Allpaynow account?
Any one can apply for Allpaynow as long as he/she accepts our user agreements, meets our requirements and commits to our policies. Allpaynow will decide to accept or not accept a merchant.
You must uphold a web site(s) that contains complete product information, valid customer service information, detailed refund and return policy, and a globally accepted privacy policy.
Your product or service must meet our product/service policy requirements. Merchants must verify that their products or services are not included in Allpaynow Not-Allowed-products list.
Sites found to be selling forbidden products or services are subject to immediate account suspension, frozen funds, penalty or fines on funds, and/or order cancellations, all without further notice.

Can I use Allpaynow for Non-Internet Orders?
Non-internet sales are currently not supported by Allpaynow's user agreement and general policies.
You can use our send and receive money.
Allpaynow does hope to be able in the near future to support Non-Internet Orders in addition to our services.

Does Allpaynow support Memberships or Subscription services?
Yes, Allpaynow supports membership-based or subscription-based products or services, as long as the Merchant agrees to our user agreements and the service is accepted by Allpaynow policies.
You can bill your clients a one-time fee, or at any interval, using our recurring billing features (Automatic Bill Payment where a buyer can pre-authorize a merchant to automatically charge buyers Credit Card account on a regular basis. Payments may be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Must I have a Shopping Cart?
No, you do not have to use a shopping cart to integrate with Allpaynow..
The integration with Allpaynow is designed to be easy, as we provide you with the needed code to issue your orders (simple HTML code) for each of your products that can be easily incorporated into your site.

Can I Use a Shopping Cart?
Yes, you can use a shopping cart and integrate it with Eweinay's services.
Allpaynow supports the integration of your shopping cart into our system, without the need for any third party provider. We provide you an HTML code once you register your products and domains. The code is designed for easy implementation. However, if you encounter any problem in the process, Allpaynow support team will be more than happy to help you. Our online chat support is an easy and convenient way to communicate with Allpaynow.
Our service can be integrated with almost all shopping carts.

How do I apply?
To setup a merchant account permitting Allpaynow to be your reseller, all you have to do is to register with Allpaynow with a valid profile information and valid Bank Account information to receive your money through it. Send to Allpaynow a brief history of your sale with your last card processor, Copy of your Passport (admin) and register on our login your credit card details. You do not need any additional bank account but the one you already have. Allpaynow will use its own bank for your orders, and then wire transfer your money to your bank.

How do I close my Account?
To close your account with Allpaynow, you can simply send an account closure request to our Customer Operations department at operations@Allpaynow.com and our support team will process your account closure.

How do I look up or change my Account Information?
You can access your Account information from the Merchant Control Panel by logging in to your account using your username and password.

I lost my registration information, What do I do?
You can either send an E-Mail to our Customer Support Team at support@Allpaynow.com or you can use the Forgot Your Password option and follow the instructions on the website.

Payments & Billing

How do I receive money?
You will receive your money through international bank wire transfer.

When do I receive money?
Allpaynow accounting department transfers the money of the orders, which passes more than one month in the system. The transferred amount must exceed the threshold that the merchant decides to be able to start the money transfer process. Transfer will be done the 1st and 15st of each month. The approximate period that the money takes to be added to your bank account 3 days.
This arrangement is to protect both merchants and buyers from possible fraud and charge backs.
Allpaynow charges its merchants 50 USD fees per money transfer. Further fees might be deducted by the receiver bank. For further information, please contact your bank's representative.

What does my Account Status mean?

Please read over our Account conditions:
Account Activation:
Allpaynow strives to instantly activate merchant accounts. However, after you implant our order code into your web site, an account manager will be revising your site and products, and will be contacting you if needed.
In case there is need for further verification, a verification E-Mail will be sent requesting from new merchants to verify their domains and products information. Please reply to this E-Mail, it's very important to proceed to Account Activation.
While your account is active, you can use All Allpaynow services, except Money Transfer, that will be enabled after you complete a one month good history regarding charge backs and refunds.

Account suspension:
Your account maybe suspended due to one or more reasons listed below:
Invalid E-Mail or Account information is detected while verifying your information after the registration process or after your Profile updating.
Merchant is found to sell restricted or banned products or services listed in our Not-Allowed Products list.
Merchant has violated any of Allpaynow policies or agreements.
Merchant is found to have high rate of charge backs or refunds.(more than 2.00% monthly is not allowed).
Merchant requested his account cancellation.
When the Merchant's account is suspended, it will be accessed for read only and all his account functions will be disabled.
An Account will be permanently closed 6 months after its suspension.
If a Merchant does not respond to E-Mail notifications sent by Allpaynow Operations department regarding suspensions reasons, his account will be suspended.
During the suspension period, the merchant's balance will not be transferred until the account is closed or reactivated.

Account Closure:
The Account can be closed if the owner requested his/her account closure.
The Account will be closed after 6 months of suspension.
After the closure, our accounting department will calculate the Merchant's balance and risk factor. If his/her balance exceeds the money transfer fees (50$), it will be transferred directly to his/her bank account, if not, the transfer will be discarded.

Important Note: Once a merchants requests account closure, Allpaynow considers the current balance to be the only available security for future charge backs or disputes. A release time of 120 days or more is applied on certain risk levels. 2.00% charge back ratio will normally cause reserve holding for 120 days. (this is the period credit card companies are giving to their card holders to dispute a charge).

What are Allpaynow Fees?
Allpaynow is proudly offering the rates listed in our link Fees.:
More good is a merchant more cheap is the rate. We apply to our merchants a flexible rate structure.

Does Allpaynow accept other forms of payment such as Banking checks, Online checks, or EFT transfers?
No, Currently Allpaynow supports Credit Card Payments only.
We are working very hard to add to our services all forms of online payment methods and solutions; this is expected to be in the near future.

Is There a Reserve Policy in Allpaynow?
Yes. Allpaynow holds a reserve for chargebacks and refunds in case the Merchant goes out of business, becomes unreachable or simply terminates their account with Allpaynow without notice.
This is used to protect both merchants and buyers from possible fraud and charge backs.
For all accounts, the reserve starts from 10% of the total balance during 6th months.
After each accounting period, the 10% is calculated from the Merchant's total balance and kept apart from his transferred payments. The 10% will be kept in his balance until the next wire transfer. The 10% rolling reserve can be increased if charge back ratio is growing up, at 1.50 % rolling reserve will arrive at 15% and Allpaynow.com can increase it in presence of much charge backs.
After the Merchant Account is closed, All payments (including the reserve funds) will be transferred to Merchant's bank account as long as it exceeds the transfer fees.

Which Credit Cards does Allpaynow support?
Allpaynow currently accepts at present :
American Express
And All derivatives of these brands.
We are working hard to develop our system to also accept all other major credit and electronic cards soon, as well as electronic Check Drafts and Direct electronic funds transfer service.

What are the currencies supported by Allpaynow?
Currently we support USD for Visa and Master cards, USD, EUR and CHF for American Express, Diners and JCB. Multiple currencies system is under development. We hope we can offer this service to our Merchants very soon.

Can I tell you when to send me My Payments?
Yes, Merchants can control their payment release by specifying their desired Money Transfer Threshold or Release level.
The release level is an option controlled by the Merchant that allows him to inform Allpaynow to hold payments on his/her account (instead of transferring them) until they reach the level specified.
Allpaynow defines the Minimum Money Transfer Threshold.
Once the account has reached the level specified by the Merchant, the following Accounting period, payment will be sent through Bank wire transfer.
This option can be adjusted via Merchant Control Panel, after login to your account using your Username and Password.

Am I Buying a Merchant Account?
Allpaynow does not provide Merchant Accounts.
Allpaynow acts as a reseller of your products/services, enabling merchants to sell their products and services online with no worry about Credit Card processing security and privacy.

Do I Need An SSL Server? No, you do not need an SSL server in order to integrate your site with Allpaynow.
All payment transactions take place on Allpaynow SSL server.
Please note that the payment pages can not be located on the Merchant's own servers. You can not send any info or fill the payment pages yourself because part of our order identification system, fraud detection service and order tracking depends on having the customer input their payments info on our SSL secure order page.
The payment page must be located on Allpaynow secured SSL server because it contains critical information for buyers, and Allpaynow must guarantee its complete security.

How is the order processed with Allpaynow?
A customer visits a website, selects a product, then advances to the checkout portion of the process.
At this point, customers access an SSL-encrypted order page on Allpaynow servers, which guarantees the security of their personal and payment information.
Once the customer enters and submits the information, Allpaynow's processes immediately query the customer's bank. The process verifies if the information submitted is correct, and if the funds required for the sale are available.
The order status may be one of the following:

Order Authorized:
The information filled by the buyer is preliminary valid information.
Allpaynow starts processing the order after maximum 24 hours from the date of order authorization.
After the authorization of the card issuer, Allpaynow can capture the Order which means to process the payment and debit the money from the buyer account to Merchant account on Allpaynow.

Declined Transaction:
This case determines that an Error occurred in the connection between the buyer and Allpaynow while placing the order.
In this case, the order has DECLINED

IP Mismatch:
This means that the system a mismatch between the login IP and the country or state provided in the order.
In this case the buyer is required to contact Allpaynow support or to send an email explaining the reason of that IP mismatch.

Pending CC Verification:
This means that the buyer credit card is under verifications.
In All Cases Checking Orders for Fraud Risks Takes 48 Hours.

After the Verification Processes is completed, the Order will end in one of three statuses:

Order Completed:
Payment is processed and money was debited from the buyer's account to the Merchant's account on Allpaynow.

Order Cleared:
Payment is available for withdrawal.

Order Declined:
The order is not processed, USD 0.50 charges are made.

How can I keep track of my orders and my balance?
You can use our Allpaynow Merchant Control Panel after login with your username and password to track the orders statuses and to check on your payments balance.
Allpaynow sends returned Parameters to a return page of your choice after each order placed, you can also use those parameters to track your orders and integrate those parameters in your system.

Does Allpaynow Accept International Merchants and customers?
Yes, we have an established base of international suppliers, but we will decide to accept or decline a merchant.

Technical Support

How can I integrate my shopping cart with Allpaynow?
For each of your domains, Allpaynow will provide you with HTML code that is used to send us an amount order. This code will enable you to sell many products to the same buyer at one click.
The Shopping cart integration code is situated in your domain details page.
The integration process is fully explained in the "Integration Guide".
Please login using your username and password and then from the Merchant Control Panel on the left of the page click on "Integration Guide".

How can I integrate my Product(s) with Allpaynow.com?
To integrate your single products with Allpaynow, we will provide you with the Code needed for integration. It is an easy to use HTML code, provided once you register your products.
Please login using your username and password, and then from the Merchant Control Panel on the left of the page click on "Integration Guide".

Is Allpaynow fully security guaranteed?
All payment transactions take place on Allpaynow SSL certified server to enable server security. Sites secured by 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible.

Refunds and Cancellations

Refund Policy:
Refunds happen when:
The Buyer complains that the goods were not delivered.
The Buyer complains that the goods were not as described in the Merchant's website.
The Buyer complains that he/she didn't place this order.
The Buyer complains that his/her credit card was stolen or lost or complains for any other reason.
Only Allpaynow or Merchants can refund orders after they were captured.
When a Refund is requested, Allpaynow contacts the Merchant for details and evidences, if not properly provided, Allpaynow will refund the order.

In Case of Charge Backs:
The Merchant refunds the Buyer's money and he pays 50.00 USD as charge back fees to Allpaynow. The Merchant loses all Allpaynow commissions and fees. Procedure : In order to defend your interests in the dispute, we will ask to forward to us any document in proof relating to the operation (signed order and delivery receipt); merchant has time 8 days to send these proofs; In case of common understanding with the cardholder and to avoid chargeback expenses, we inform you that the transaction can be refunded via the merchant Back Office until the proof documents deadline.

What Do I Need to Know About Fraud?
With the increased rates of Internet frauds, online thefts and credit card fraud, Merchants must be aware what FRAUD is.
Unfortunately, the credit card industry has not been as quick to provide eCommerce merchants with feasible resources of identifying fraudulent use.
Allpaynow combines a number of external and internal resources to identify potentially fraudulent orders. These, in combination with your own diligence and familiarity with the customer-base serviced, will go a long way toward reducing the number of fraudulent (and subsequently cancelled) orders experienced with your product or service.
Downloadable goods experience higher rates of fraudulent activity due to the almost instant access to the product purchased. Additionally, some downloadable products (such as software) experience even higher levels of fraud than others.
Tangible products should not be shipped prior to 48 hours unless you are very certain the sale is legitimate.
Be familiar with charge back procedures.
Post your privacy and refund/return policies clearly.

Can I Enter Orders or Payment Info Myself?
No. You can not enter orders for customers. Part of our order identification system, fraud detection service and order tracking depends on having the customer input their orders on our SSL secure order page. You can do only in presence of our authorization to use a virtual terminal for a maximum of 30% of your monthly sales. This authorization costs USD 30.00 monthly and allow you to accept orders by fax, email, phone.

Accepted and Unaccepted Products

What products/services can not be sold?
Your products/services must be legal for sale in EU, provinces, and countries where you accept customers.

The following products and services CANNOT be sold:
Pornography Child Content.
Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Air Guns
Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
Unapproved Drugs
Hazardous Materials, Combustibles, Corrosives
Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals under the Age of 18 Years
Sites That Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution
Any product or service enabling consumers to circumvent locks, programming codes or security features, or to gain access to features or services for which they have not expressly paid.

The following are RESTRICTED PRODUCTS:
These products are subject to further investigation. Allpaynow reserves the right to accept or reject merchants providing the below services as it sees best.
Any site with a Lottery, Raffle, or Contest

Contact risk@Allpaynow.com for further information PRIOR to offering these products for sale. There are different terms and conditions regarding the sale of these products. You will be required to provide extra business and personal information to sell any product considered "Restricted" by Allpaynow.

Sites found to be selling banned products or services are subject to immediate account termination, frozen funds, forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice.


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