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With E-commerce and online shopping increasing at exponential rates, it is essential that your web store is integrated with a payment gateway with your merchant account. Get the payment before you ship!


Allpaynow is Seychelles Ltd. a company with ID: 028798
Allpaynow is one of the fastest growing providers of turnkey online shopping and sales account services on the internet.
Allpaynow is focused on enabling businesses to market and sell their products over the Internet, including online subscriptions and E-Goods and transfer of money.
Allpaynow manages all back-office functions including reporting, tracking and customer operations, integrating online payment processing, fraud control and affiliate management.

Through Allpaynow, our clients have experienced the Internet as an efficient distribution channel for products, services, payments and content.
Allpaynow take care of its merchants, see our charge back procedure in FAQ-Refund Policy .

As consumers pay for more products and services online, convenience and security will emerge as primary concerns. For merchants, reliability, affordability, and breadth of service offerings will be key factors in determining who will gain favor among the many players in the online sales services business.

Allpaynow Ltd.
Oliaji Trade Centre. P.O. Box 1312

Contact on line :

Commercial assistance Skype : Allpaynow

Technical Support Skype: Allpaynow.Support

Our responsive, reliable and resourceful team of service professionals would be happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries.
Feel free to contact our customer support centre that is open 24h/day by our Live Support System.


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